Curry is the favourite meal for many people. It has so many flavours and ingredients that you couldn’t resist the delicious meal. Adding different types of meat, vegetables and spices is what makes a good curry.

Spices that are mainly used in curries include:

  • Turmeric – this spice makes the sauce yellow and enhances the aroma of the entire dish. Only a small amount of turmeric is used as it is quite a strong flavour.
  • Masala – this is a mixture of different ingredients that really adds the main flavour of the curry. Usually, masala contains curry powder, chilli powder, garlic salt and seasoned salt.
  • Chilli – although the masala contains chilli powder, it always tastes better with that extra bite.
  • Coriander – originally, this is a Mediterranean plant but has been adapted to be used in curries. The seeds of the plant are usually ground into a powder and works well when mixed with cumin.
  • Cumin – cumin is another seed that makes the curry taste amazing. Originally, the cumin seeds are related to the parsley plant.

The next set of ingredients that are added to the curry are:

  • Onions – onions are pungent roots that, when cooked, give the sauce a sweet and sour taste. Frying onion in a bit of sunflower oil brings out that sweet and sour flavour.
  • Garlic – a little bit of garlic is always a great addition to any dish. The strong and spicy flavoured clove assists the cook when bringing the curry to life. Many dishes can’t go without this ingredient because of the wonderful flavour.
  • Whole Chilli – this is an optional ingredient, especially if you have already put the chilli powder and masala in the curry. This simply makes the dish hotter with a fresher ingredient.
  • Vegetables – this is another optional ingredient. It makes the dish wholesome but many chefs don’t worry too much about adding any vegetables such as potatoes, beans, peas and peppers.
  • Ginger – the root is sweet and works hand in hand with garlic and onion. The ginger root is yellow and quite strong on the tongue and throat but a minimal amount adds a really good flavour to this dish.
  • Meat – the type of protein added to the curry is completely up to the chef and his or her preferences. The juices from the meat contribute a lot to the dish and assists in making the curry what it should be.
  • Sunflower Oil – There is no cooking without some sunflower oil. This is the key ingredient to prevent the sauce from sticking to the bottom of the pan and adds a hint of flavour to the dish.