Attention: Re Company Change of Policy

Due to the change in the company policy and the financial circumstances the country is facing, we will no longer be allowing any representative or employee of Golden Fry CC to collect money except the driver on delivery with the original invoice. Any other monies must be paid directly into Golden Fry Bank Accounts, Standard Bank and Fnb.

Details as Follows:

Standard Bank

Account Name: Golden Fry CC

Account Number: 250529793

Branch Code: 043826


Account Name: Golden Fry CC

Account Number: 62651287320

Branch Code: 250655

Alternately please view invoices for banking details.

Any amount of money paid to an employee or representative of Golden Fry and not the driver with the copy of an original invoice will not be acknowledged as payment and the account will still reflect as unpaid, disputes will not be entertained as we expect you to adhere to our company policy.

Many Thanks

Kind Regards

Golden Fry Management