Golden Fry Vinegar

Vinegar is an important ingredient in cooking, and is one of the most essential kitchen commodities.
Our vinegar is 5% strength and naturally fermented, making it perfect for sauces, dressings, and all your other cooking and baking needs. This ingredient is versatile and is used in many applications. It also gives dishes an interesting flavour that many people simply love.

Vinegar Used in Food and for Household Use

  • Vinegar enhances a salad and is a great addition to a dressing.
  • Used in many baking dishes and various other meals
  • Many people love to have this acid liquid on the chips because it complements a burger and chips meal so well. So it’s always good to have a bottle of acid liquid on hand for your customers enjoyment.

For household use:

  • Can be used to clean windows, curtains and blinds
  • It also keeps cut flowers fresh
  • Can be used to clean the bathroom as well.

If you use a lot of this acidic liquid in your restaurant because you have a high demand for these vinegar based dishes then you may want to consider getting it in bulk.

In this way you get bulk deals at wholesale prices here at Golden Fry. Simply contact our sales team to assist you. At Golden Fry we supply vinegar in bulk to restaurants, caterers, cafes and other food establishments. We also supply for catering and commercial requirements. As well for bulk wholesale pricing on our acidic liquid products, feel free to contact us today.

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