To start with, palm oil is a vegetable oil like sunflower oil that has been taken from palm trees. It is being used more and more over the past few years and for good reason. It is rich in fat and it contains vitamins and antioxidants. So, it is good for our health, especially if it forms part of a well balanced diet.

Many companies and individuals use palm oil in their products and cooking, especially in restaurants and the food industry. This is mainly due to its benefits and nutritional content.

There are a lot of advantages when using palm oil that makes it the perfect oil to use in your restaurant.

  1. It contains multiple vitamins such as vitamin A and K.
  2. It contains saturated and monounsaturated fats, which is one of the best options for deep frying.
  3. There is a natural flavour to this oil.
  4. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  5. You can use it for many types of food products.
  6. It has a high nutritional value.
  7. It helps to keep food preserved for a long time.

In addition, it can be used for weight loss and may increase the body’s metabolism. It is also used to manage high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, amongst others. Always check with a medical professional regarding health and dietary advice.

Furthermore, there are more than 40% of restaurants that use palm oil in many of their recipes and dishes. So along with these good benefits of palm oil you can make a difference in the way you cook in your restaurant. In addition, you can get palm oil in bulk from a cooking oil supplier and save every month. What are you waiting for, make sure you get your palm oil sooner rather than later.