A lot of people waste a lot of oil most of the time. Cooking oil and vegetable oil can be reused; you don’t need to throw away your oil once you are done with it. It can be used for things around the house; and it can be used in the garden, it can also be used on your personal self.

A lot of your tools around the house are metal and metal gets rusty over the years as you use it. The rust build up on your tools can be prevented. You can rub your tools or any other metal products around the house with oil. This will then help preserve it for longer and delay the process of rust build up. You can also rub your leather furniture with cooking oil this helps soften the feel of the leather and also helps preserve the leather. Wooden furniture gets scratched and looks dry very quickly. When this does happen to your wooden furniture you can mix cooking oil and vinegar to make a mini paste. This mixture you then rub on your wooden furniture as a polish, it then lets the furniture look as good as new.

If you have a lamp in your house and do not have any oil left for it, you can add some of your used oil into the lamp. It works just as well. You can also use it to make soap. You can do some research on how to make soap and then you can create your own homemade custom soap. Adding different scented oils to it will help give it that different and nice smell.

If you do not have any hair products to keep your hair moisturised you don’t need to worry, you can use the oil to keep your hair moisturised. You just rub a bit in your hair and leave it in for a while, and then you can wash your hair with shampoo. It is best to do this just before you wash your hair, it will cause your hair to stink if you do it on a normal day because it’s not fresh oils that you will be using. But it does the right thing for you hair, because it contains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs. If you decided to paint the house and you have paint left on your hands, then it will also be good to rub some cooking oil on your hands and then leave it in for 5 minutes then you wash your hands with soap. It will take all the paint off your hands.

You can add used vegetable oil to your compost. This is plant based and will help give your soil the extra nutrients that it needs. You can add it to your dog food this helps give your dog’s shiny and healthy hair. You can also pour some over your bird food, because they are always flying from different places they don’t always get the right nutrients that they need.

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