Used cooking oil. Sounds unimportant and not useful. So much so, that if you were to ask the majority of homeowners what they do with their used oil, the most common answer would be that they discard it in some form of manner. But, what if I told you there was a way to get rid of your used oil that would be of use to another industry? You would definitely jump on that idea, especially in today’s day and age where we are constantly worrying about our environment and minimizing our carbon footprint

Golden Fry not only provides you with the best in terms of oil products, they also collect your used and unwanted oil through their used oil collection program. This oil is then used in the chemical and bio fuel industry. This is really awesome and so exciting!

Bio Fuel is converted biomass which assist in transportation and its fuel. The two most common types of biofuels in use today are ethanol and biodiesel, both of which represent the first generation of biofuel technology.

Biofuels can also be used to replace natural gas as the main source of heating fuels in the workplace and our homes.

One of the biggest benefits of biofuel is that is rather cheap to produce. Most cases, major companies like hotels and restaurants often will pay to have their used oil collected and taken away. Golden Fry for example would gladly go and collect it so that it can be “recycled” into biofuel.

The used oil goes through a 5 stage chemical process that leads up to the conversion of used oil into biofuel.

If we look at the environment, biofuel and the conversion process is highly friendly to the environment which helps our planet from terrible things like global warming.

Don’t just throw your used oil out, rather contact Golden Fry!