Biodiesel is still a relatively new concept to most people. Although research on this subject has been going on for quite a number of years, not much has been promoted to the general public as to how it is made and how it works. Generally, it is accepted that biodiesel is a natural form of fuel, but what is it that makes it a natural fuel source?

There is a direct link between oil made from sunflower seeds and biodiesel. Bottled sunflower oil is used daily in the food industry and in most households. What many people don’t realise is that restaurants and cafes use many litres of sunflower oil daily and due to legal restrictions in health and safety, they have to dispose of all used oil in a responsible manner. The oil cannot just be dunked down the drain as this will cause the drain to get clogged. And it is not advised to dispose of it over plants as this could poison the plants and the soil which can make it a harmful environment for people and pets. Restaurants and cafes must make use of a reputable used oil collector who will collect all the used oil from their premises and dispose of it in a proper and ethical manner. In terms of disposal methods, this was mostly the case in the past where oil collectors had to find natural, healthy and safe ways to dispose of the used oil. Nowadays, the collectors will collect the oil and deliver it to fuel companies that are able to convert the used sunflower oil into biodiesel.

Biodiesel manufacturers use complex purifying and conversion processes that takes ordinary used oil and converts it into a natural form of fuel. This type of natural fuel can be used in trucks and cars, or any vehicle that runs on diesel fuel. You can simply substitute your current diesel fuel with biodiesel. With biodiesel being manufactured locally, it costs a lot less for consumers to purchase it so they will save much on their monthly fuel bill.

In conclusion, this is the link between used sunflower oil and biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from used sunflower oil. Using a strict conversion process, the oil is converted into a natural form of fuel that can power any diesel engine. In addition, you are also ensuring that oil is responsibly disposed of and recycled. Therefore, you are saving money on your fuel bill but also saving the planet by making use of recycled materials.