Cooking oil is the most common ingredient used in a kitchen. Restaurants always need to have stock of this versatile ingredient. Because restaurants use it so often, it is important that sunflower oil manufacturers package sunflower oil in the correct containers that are available in different sizes.

There’s no question that sunflower oil supplied in bulk options is a good idea for busy restaurants and cafés. It’s known that on a busy day, it can run out before the end of the day. If your restaurant is constantly cooking and frying food you should keep large containers of sunflower oil. The sunflower oil comes in large containers such as a 200 litre drum, a 1000 litre flexitank and a 36000 litre tanker load. Plus you don’t have to worry about it ageing because it maintains its nutritional value for a long period of time.

The drums are perfect for you if your restaurant serves potato chips or onion rings on the side. You have to submerge the vegetables in frying oil so you will require a lot of it. Having a drum stored in your kitchen will put your mind at ease the next time someone orders extra chips for the table, like every other customer does.

Many recipes need only a bit of oil to sauté onions or braise protein. It’s easier to use a lighter bottle so that you won’t accidentally topple the lot into the pot. So for such applications you can use a 375 millilitre bottle, a 500 millilitre bottle or a 750 millilitre bottle.

If your restaurant doesn’t use such a large amount of sunflower oil then bottles will do. You’ll find that they come in a 2 litre bottle, a 5 litre bottle and a 20 litre Jerry can. Many food places like to make their own condiments and sauces that accompany the table for the fussy eaters. Many places serve customers bread with chilli oil in a bowl. It may seem like a small amount but think of the other fifty tables getting the exact same thing. It would be only a fifty millilitre bowl minus about thirty for the chilli. It would total a litre for one hour. That’s just one self-made condiment.

Pubs make their own sauces in three-hundred and fifty millilitre bottles. You need sunflower oil to make it into a sauce or else it would be just clumpy spicy pieces. That is not enjoyable but with the sunflower oil it gives the sauces a completely new taste. Can you imagine how much of it you would need if you are not using bigger containers? It may not seem to be as much at one glance but it still is quite a substantial amount.

One of the worst ingredients to run out of in a restaurant is the cooking oil. Not only will you not be able to serve the chips, sauce or most dishes but you will also lack a specific texture. Always make sure that you have sunflower oil in stock and use it wisely.

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