Frying is an art in the cooking world. Yes, everyone knows how to pour frying oil in a pan and fry their chips to crisp delight but not everyone knows how to use the sunflower oil for other purposes. Here are some useful tips for using sunflower oil in the kitchen.

The first question you should ask is: why coat food with sunflower oil in the first place? Well, as we all know, oil and water do not mix at all. This can work for you in many ways with cakes and doughs to seal in the gasses that the growing agents release. Sunflower oil also keeps the moisture in your food as the water already inside the food creates a wall against it. This is nifty and useful to know.

When you fry food the sunflower oil has to be kept at a specific temperature throughout the cooking process. Professional chefs say that if the temperature is any higher you will notice because smoke will start rising from the pot or pan.

Don’t fill the deep fryer or the pan with a lot of food. You might want to get dinner ready as fast as possible but by doing this it may take longer. More items in the pan will lower the temperature at a dramatic pace. One or two food items, such as one or two steaks, at a time are ideal to keep that perfect heat.

If you are afraid of making your food too oily, all you have to do is it let the fresh-out-the-pan food rest on paper towels so that the excess frying oil can be absorbed. You will be surprised what paper towels can do for you whilst cooking because they are super absorbent.

Don’t reuse the sunflower oil. A lot of food loses water once cooked and that water and moisture ends up combined with the sunflower oil if you don’t have an impressive filtering tool. Also, don’t reuse it if a lot of other particles are in it.

Make sure that you use the correct oil for the kind of cooking you are going to do. Don’t use olive oil for the normal kind of frying. Olive oil tend to take longer to heat up because it is quite dense and its flavour is unique that shouldn’t be wasted on generic frying. Use the olive oil for special foods that are cooked in the oven and that mix well with different kinds of spices and herbs.

Chefs are lucky that sunflower oil is so diverse no matter what kind of meal you are cooking. The one part you have to remember is how much cooking oil to use to achieve the perfect meal.