Cooking oil is a need in any home or commercial kitchen because it is used to prepare a large variety of foods. In both these kitchens, the person doing the cooking is the one that has to deal with the issue of whether to dispose or recycle the used cooking oil. Disposing of your used cooking oil down your drain is never a good idea, the oil will eventually become hard and cause your drain to clog. Whereas in a commercial kitchen’s setup you use a large amount of oil so disposing of it using the proper process and equipment is essential. For home cooks, you can simply put your used cooking oil into a jar to avoid throwing it down the drain. If you work in a commercial kitchen it is always wiser to work with professionals to help you manage to get your used cooking oil either thrown away or recycled.

Whether you are a home cook or running a kitchen or restaurant collecting the used oil is only part of your struggle. Luckily, you can reuse cooking oil in many different ways one being a lubricant in your surroundings. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your used cooking oil.

  • Lubricant for Key Locks – If you have trouble sticking your keys into locks around the house, distributing some used cooking oil on your keys can help prevent it from sticking.
  • Use as Furniture Polish – If you have wooden furniture items in your home that possibly have scratches on and may look dull. You can use cooking oil to help restore and polish your wooden furniture. For you to use your used oil as furniture polish, you need to make a mixture of each in equal quantities of used cooking oil and vinegar, once mixed you can use to polish your wood.
  • Household Lubricant – Used cooking oil is a great lubricant that you can use for many things around the house from squeaking hinges to stiff locks. You can also use cooking oil on your metal surface or tools to prevent them from rusting.
  • Moisturiser for Dry Hair – If you suffer from dry hair, you can use used cooking to moisturise and condition your hair. All you need to do is heat some of the used oil and massage it into your scalp and leave for a while. Shampoo your hair to remove all the oil.
  • Lamp Oil – if you have an oil lamp, you can put some used cooking oil to fuel up your lamp again.
  • Animal Feeding – You can use cooking oil for animal feeding by drizzling some on your cat or dogs food, this will help improve their taste for help keep their coats healthy and shiny.
  • Preserves Leather – You can use cooking oil to preserve and soften your leather furniture, belts or jackets.
  • Paint Remover – Paint can be one of the hardest things to wash off if it gets onto your hands or arms. Used oil can help remove paint from your skin with ease. Rub some of the used oil on your skin where the paint is and set it for a few minutes, wash the area off with soap and the paint will come off easily.

These are a few of the many effects used for used cooking oil, meaning it is one of the most reusable products in your home. The two things you should never do with used cooking is putting into the trash can and throwing it down the drain. Because of these many tips and other uses for used cooking oil you now make other adjustments by saving your oil in a jar and use it for all these various alternative options.

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