While many dieticians and health practices will advise against deep fried food, there is no denying how delicious it can be. Many people believe that our lives are very short and are meant to be enjoyed, so you can still enjoy those dishes while maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everything is about moderation. Let’s take a look at some dishes and methods you can use while deep frying with cooking oil.

Not everyone owns a cool deep fryer, so don’t let that stop you from making some awesome meals. There is a way to still achieve the desired affect without using one. First, you will need to choose a cooking oil that has a higher smoke point than the needed cooking temperature. Sunflower oil is a good choice for this.

Secondly, add the oil to a deep pot, however we don’t want to fill the pot more than half way. Hot oil is EXTREMELY dangerous! You can now preheat the oil to the cooking temperature, you can monitor this by using a thermometer. Before adding your food to the pot with hot oil, always pat it dry with paper towels. Having external moisture on the food can cause the oil splatter like crazy!

Using braai tongs you can then place your food into the hot oil. Depending on what food you have placed in the oil, cooking times will vary, remember cooking will happen much quicker compared to using other cooking styles example, grilling, steaming etc.

When removing the cooked food from the oil, place it on paper towels to drain and remove excess oil which holds a lot of fat in it and then you are done. Nice and easy, just be safe at all times.

Examples of meals you can cook like this, Crispy Chicken, fish and chips, hashbrowns, sweet and sour pork just to name a few.

What will you be making tonight?