It’s a new day and a new weekend. Goldy the sunflower oil is ready to take on his new mission. Today is the day that a little child is turning ten and all his many friends have been invited. The food selection for the day is fried finger food – exactly what every child wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On mom’s list are mozzarella sticks, potato chips, homemade chicken fingers and onion rings. Now, Goldy knows that this will be a big frying job and he will need to be at the correct temperature to create the yummiest food for these children.

Mozzarella sticks are possibly the easiest and most enduring of the four platters. Mom would first need to roll thick strips of mozzarella in bread crumbs and eggs. She will then need to quickly place the pre-cooked product into the oil. Goldy knows that he only needs to fry the sticks until they are golden brown. That’s when they taste best.

Next on the list are the potato chips. These are not the French fries that are conventional to most people but rather round slices that are lightly fried and coated with paprika for added flavour. Goldy knows that the kids will love that one. On the side will be a delicious mayonnaise and jalapeno sauce for those who want that extra bite of flavour.

Homemade chicken strips are easier to make than they sound. The raw chicken strips are covered with bread crumbs, flour, salt and pepper and then coated with egg. Chicken tastes best when it has been crumbed a couple of times before frying it sunflower oil. The chicken also has to be fried until it is a crispy golden brown. That’s when the flavours are at their best whilst keeping the chicken moist.

Last and not least, the onion rings. Mom slices the onions into rings. These rings don’t get crumbed but rather soaked in a flour and water mixture. Mom then fries the final snack of the platter with the sunflower oil.

All the children rushed to the table to grab the food before it ran out. They were so excited to have a bite of these home cooked delicacies. Goldy the sunflower oil was so happy to see the reactions of the children. They loved this deliciously fried food and soon they were asking for more. It looks like Goldy the sunflower oil has completed one more mission successfully.