Just as there are many different types of sunflower oil, there are also many different types of coconut oil. Usually, by looking at texture or consistency, you can tell the difference between these cooking oils.

Virgin or extra virgin coconut oil – this oil is taken directly from the flesh of the fruit. The fruit is usually more mature and ripe. The fruit is ripe enough to extract directly without having to chemically remove the oil. This extra virgin oil also has benefits because no chemical has come into contact with the fruit during the extraction process.

Refined coconut oil – this might not be the original oil but it definitely has all the benefits. There are people that might be allergic to the fruit itself so with the refined version you avoid major bad reactions. Make sure to look on the label if it has been chemically processed. If it mentions that no chemicals have been used in the extraction process then it is safe to consume or use on a regular basis.

Liquid coconut oil – the name says exactly what it is. It doesn’t become a solid consistency the same way as natural virgin kind at room temperature. Instead, it remains in a liquid form at room temperature. Extracting and making the oil into a liquid also eliminates all the beneficial fats and proteins. The upside to this oil is that it is completely safe to use in cooking and as a cosmetic item.

RBD coconut oil – this stands for Refined, Bleached and Deodorised. This oil should not be consumed or used in cooking at all. Bleaching liquids uses a strong substance that creates an unnatural product. This oil is usually used for skin care and hair uses. It’s a good thing that the oil doesn’t also bleach your hair. In other words, this is used as a dermatological substance to help with skin problems such as dryness.

If you are interested in switching to coconut oil as an everyday ingredient then you need to make sure that the bottle states that it is virgin or refined coconut oil. This lets you know exactly what you can use it for and sometimes the label mentions in what ways you can use it.

Refined and bleached coconut ingredients should rather be used for the taste or consistency. When making food, coconut oil creates a different texture in the food. With RBD oil you can successfully achieve the texture without the excessive flavour of the coconut.