When baking a cake or a sheet of cookies the main ingredients calls for flour, cooking oil and sugar. Your cake or cookies need the sweet element as well, most recipes ask for castor sugar or syrup to sweeten the dough. Most of the time, the recipe will call for two types of sweetening methods. These sweetening methods usually involve both brown and white sweetener to be blended in. However, what are the benefits when using this kind of sweetener?

Unique Baking Texture

Brown sugar provides any baked good a unique texture that’s entirely different than what traditional white sugar can provide. Brown sugar gives the dough a nice sticky yet soft feel, so when you bite into the cake or biscuit it breaks easily. When applying this brown sweetener to a dough mixture, it dissolves evenly then causes the blend to soften and widen. When using this sweetener for cookies, an individual will notice an extra bit of moistness and chewiness. The cause of this is because of this kind of sugar contains molasses. Light brown is made with ten percent of molasses and twenty percent is made to create dark brown.

What Is Molasses?

Molasses is the thick syrup ingredient many baked goods will require for its recipe. This thick sticky syrup comes from sugar cane juice that’s been boiled down. Beet juice is another ingredient that’s used during the boil-down process. There are many variations of this ingredient depending on the boiling process and the time it takes.

Is Brown Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar?

Due to its increased amount of molasses, this brown sweetener isn’t more or less healthier than traditional white sugar when it comes to glucose levels. However, because of the added ingredient molasses, this brown sweetener contains more minerals than traditional white sugar. It has been studied and proven that brown contains potassium, calcium, and iron. On the flip-side traditional white sweetener does not provide much at all.

Another benefit brown has over traditional white sweetener is soften skin after baking. Believe it or not, when an individual decides to bake with this sugar and mixes the ingredients with their bare hands, they will notice softer skin. This is why most soaps and moisturisers have this sweetener ingredient mixed in.

Is Brown Sugar The Ultimate Sweetener For Baking?

Just like how cooking oil is a baker’s best friend, this brown sweetener is a baker’s prized sweetening method. Most people would say this sugar provides the best flavour than any other sweetener used. It’s a baker’s secret weapon and used for many recipes and good reason. Since this sugar dissolves so easily while baking in a warmed oven, it creates the perfect texture for cookies and provides excellent denseness for pound cakes and other miscellaneous baked goods.

If you over bake anything that has sweetener in, your dish will come out hard and you won’t be able to cut or bite through it. Sugar burns very fast, you always need to keep a eye on your dish. Always follow recipe instructions very carefully.

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