No matter which way you make chicken you will always need to add a bit of cooking oil to it. Even though it has its own fats you still need that extra bit to enhance the flavour and to enhance the cooking process.

Deep Fried Chicken

The first way of preparing it is the most popular way. This is to deep fry the chicken. You need to get your flour and spice mix together and then also your egg mixture. With this you will be using a lot of cooking oil. It is better when you use non-foaming oil as this ensures that you will be able to reuse it again. You can reuse it to make more fried chicken on a different day or you can use it for other foods too. Because of the amount of fats used to make this it may be considered as being unhealthy so look for cooking oil that has the right balance of healthy fats and is cholesterol free. You can serve this with chips or with a fresh salad on the side.

Chicken Strips

The other way is to make chicken strips; with this you will be using the breasts of the meat. It should also be coated with a flour and spice mixture of your choice. A lot of people use breadcrumbs to create the mixture. This meal is a healthier option as you do not need to use a lot of frying oil to fry it in. You will just shallow fry the chicken strips until it is cooked and is nice and crispy on the outside. This can also be served with chips and you can also make a dipping sauce for this meal.

Boiled Chicken

The third way is the healthiest way. When you make boiled chicken all you will need is to add a bit of salt with a bit of oil in the water and let it boil. Then season further once cooked and enjoy with a salad.

Roasted Chicken

The other healthier option is to bake it in the oven. You will season it with the spices of your choice then you line you pan with cooking oil to ensure the meat does not stick to the pan while it is baking in the oven. Then you will bake it until it’s done and serve it with fresh cooked vegetables.

Chicken Curry

The most common meal to make is a chicken curry. Everyone makes this in their own way with their own curry spice mixtures to make the meal as mild or as hot as you would like it. This is made by first heating up the cooking oil and frying the onions then browning the meat and adding the spices and vegetables. Once it is ready it is served with rice and maybe a salad on the side to calm the burning sensation. If you are not too keen on strong foods then a chicken stew would be your best option. The only thing that separates the stew and the curry is that in the stew you won’t add any chilli powder. You will use a normal chicken spice along with salt and pepper. Also serve it with rice.

It is easy to cook chicken meals and it’s more fun because you have a lot of different ways that you can prepare it. Make sure that you have your cooking oil ready to create fun and delicious meals.

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