Sugar is the sweet side of life and can be enjoyed in moderation. Just this one word is sweet enough to make everyone smile! It’s almost in every single food that we consume, however today I want to bring some interesting facts to you about it.

  1. Did you know if you go for a walk then after only 15 minutes you will curb those sugar cravings.
  2. In the UK, the NHS limit is 90 grams a day, though you may benefit from more or less, depending on how hard you train. This is the equivalent to five large bananas or four loaves of white bread.
  3. Saccharine additives tend confuse our ability to judge calorie intake based on taste and it is this that leads to cravings and possible weight gain.
  4. Honey and fructose have been shown to have a gentler impact on blood sugar than table sugar. Sugar in moderation is the ideal case.
  5. Late nights which can lead to loss of sleep may blunt the brain regions which are needed for decision making. This is then amplified by the parts that control desire for sweet things
  6. Did you know that blood sugar tends to be 10% lower after eating if you had a hot bath beforehand as opposed to a workout?
  7. If you’re training or exercising then avoid dumb bells and soft drinks. A 75 gram dose of sugar could result in a 25% drop in T levels. You need to be in peak form when you go to the gym.
  8. If you aren’t able to moderate your biscuit consumption for yourself then consider it for the next generation. Because a high sugar intake could lead to to poor sperm quality in otherwise healthy men.

I hope you enjoyed these little facts about sugar.