Sugar is obviously known for its sweetness therefore it is used in desserts such as cakes and pastries. What if sugar could easily be used in the normal food we eat every day?

Sugar can be used in vast amounts of food besides cakes, ice-creams and pastries. The truth is that it is used in most foods, believe it or not. The question that everyone asks is how a person uses it and what it does to the dish.

You will notice that when you cook with tomato, the food may taste sour. It isn’t an unbearable sourness but it isn’t the most pleasant taste. Tomato is a fruit that contains Vitamin C which makes it taste quite sour during the cooking process. On its own it has a bitter sour taste that requires a bit of salt and sugar.

Bread and pizza dough also have a small amount of sugar. There are two reasons for this. The first is because yeast needs sugar to react quicker. You don’t want to wait an extra amount of time if you can speed it up. As everyone knows, yeast is a type of bacteria which needs a base to grow. The sugar works well with the yeast and prevents it from tasting sour. Regarding the sour taste, it may not be a prominent noticeable taste but a food critic will definitely notice.

Sugar is also great for crusting the food. So long as you mix the sugar with spice, it will taste like a luxury caramelised food you always hear about on cooking shows. You can make a mixture of sugar, cooking oil and your preferred spice then spread it over the food.

Many sauces found on the shelves contain sugar. This is mainly to preserve the food but it does give a unique flavour to the condiment. Foods such as Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, relishes that contain cabbage or chillies contain a lot of sugar. If you are the type that isn’t fond of these sauces you can always make your own. It is guaranteed that the sauce you make at home won’t require all the preservatives however the recipe will still tell you to add sugar. No need to worry though, it’s not often more than a tablespoon and isn’t a prominent taste.

It’s good to try different ways of cooking as you never know what could work better in terms of flavour. Sugar might not be the most rebellious or experimental ingredient but it is a good change.

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