It’s no secret that coconut oil has become very popular all over the world. With all its benefits and uses it can definitely be on the top of your next shopping list. Here are six benefits of coconut oil that may change your perspective.

  1. High in saturated fats, your body automatically becomes healthier turning all LDL cholesterols in your body to HDL cholesterols. This means that any unhealthy and dangerous cholesterol found in your body gets converted to improve your health and reduce your cholesterol levels.
  2. Coconut oil is easier to digest and passes through the body quickly. It turns into energy rather than fat because it passes through the liver. Whilst it is an easily digestible food it also adds great flavour and volume to most of your dishes that makes the body crave more.
  3. It also treats UTIs and kidney infections. The components that make up coconut oil have antibacterial properties that help to speed up inflammation in the kidneys. The water of the coconut is also beneficial when trying to heal any kidney infections or UTIs.
  4. The coconut oil improves energy making a day easier to handle. As it does not get stored as fat and gets converted into energy, like most food, it helps you to live your day without feeling tired or fatigued. Your metabolism also increases to help you with digestion throughout the day.
  5. Besides being consumed, coconut oil can also be applied on the skin. Components that make up this oil helps to heal skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, burns and dandruff. Its hydrating feature cures any flaky or damaged skin that does not have moisture anymore.
  6. Best of all, it is an oil that does not contain carbohydrates. Most oils don’t actually contain carbohydrates but they often don’t settle well in the stomach if a lot is consumed. This oil, on the other hand, agrees with many of the body’s organs and helps them to fight off disease and infection whilst being digested.

So there are the six benefits of coconut oil that may change your perspective and views. All facts have been scientifically proven but it is always advisable to check with your doctor if you have any adverse effects. Before deciding to only consume coconut oil, keep in mind that to survive and to be healthy, your body needs to consume all types of food from the various food groups.