If you own or manage a restaurant, bakery or cafe then you probably use a lot of cooking oil on any given day. Many meals and baked goods require a measurement of cooking oil so it is an ingredient that you would use much of. In a case where you use bulk cooking oil it is a good idea to try and find a cooking oil supplier that can offer you discounted rates on bulk orders.

In order to enjoy the luxury of the discounted bulk rates, you will have to find a cooking oil supplier first. How do you find a cooking oil supplier?

You can keep an eye on your mailbox. If you’re a restaurant manager, baker or cafe owner then you may have opted into a mailing list for food suppliers, so you may then be on a cooking oil supplier’s mailing list. That means that they may send you emails directly. Instead of deleting the email immediately, open it and take a look to see if they are a supplier that offers bulk discounts for food establishments that sign up with them. This is one way that you can easily find one – by sitting in your seat.

Another way would be to keep your eyes open on social media. When you are in the food industry, such suppliers will be able to create targeted campaigns that may appear in your timeline. When you see an advert that may interest you in terms of getting bulk discounts then you can simply send them a message or call them directly in order to sign up with them.

You can also go online and search for cooking oil suppliers. Amongst the various websites that come up, consider the one that most matches your requirements. So you will have to browse through each page of the website to determine if they can offer you what you want. When you are satisfied with the product offering and are certain that they can supply the sunflower oil in bulk then you can make contact with their sales team.

You can also browse through food magazines to check if there are any adverts or editorials by cooking oil suppliers. This is a less popular method these days but you can certainly check it out. If you have friends or other colleagues in the food industry you can also ask around to find out where they get their edible oil from. Then you can check it out for yourself.

If you have a list of options you can narrow it down by checking who can deliver the products to you and who offers the best prices based on the bulk quantities. It is also important to check the quality of the product. It’s no good if you get a product at a good price but the quality is low. A good clear golden liquid should represent a good quality sunflower oil, if it’s sunflower oil that you’re interested in. Check that it is pure sunflower oil and not mixed with other ingredients. Once you’re satisfied with the product and price, then you know you’ve made your decision.

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