As you know, baking has different levels of difficulty. Cupcakes and muffins are the easier confectioneries to make because of their simplicity. Like all foods, cupcakes also can be made into the best desserts with little to no flaws.

Mixing the correct ingredients is where it all begins. The butter has to be soft when it gets combined with the sugar. Bakers prefer this mixture to be combined with an electric hand mixer because of all the air that should get inside it to create a fluffy texture.

Cooking oil is often used instead of butter because it is a smoother liquid and mixes better. It is also a healthier option because not as many fats are contained. It’s also easier to mix if you don’t have an electric hand mixer.

The whole idea of the cupcake is its aesthetic appearance. You will always find a beautiful cupcake, no matter what the flavour or colour it is. This is due to the way the small cake has been frosted.

A piping tool has many nozzles that can give you different effects and appearances. The trick to keeping the frosted part upright is to use butter and icing sugar as edible cement. You also need to use it immediately as it solidifies quickly.

When piping you need to keep a consistent motion when going around the top of the cupcake. You can either start from the circumference at the top of the cupcake or in the centre and then move outwards. If you start piping on the circumference you will achieve a taller decoration. The higher you want to go the bigger the piping nozzle needs to be to support the frosting. Also remember that this will use more of the mixture so make sure you have enough for all the cupcakes.

Also pick the nozzle that suits the idea you want for your cake decoration. Traditionally, the star nozzle was used. It makes a busy texture that gives character to the cupcake where a plain round one actually gives the cupcake a playful look despite its simplicity.

When you are making cupcakes, make sure that you always have the right ingredients and tools. Sunflower oil or butter is essential for combining and sugar is important for the sweet flavour. A piping bag with nozzles will give the treat a professional appearance for your confectionery. You can also use a knife to spread the frosting over the cake or dessert.