Copper may be the most used metal in the home area. Cookware used to be made out of copper because it was such a good conductor of heat. In recent years, it seems to be making a comeback. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Copper conducts heat at an incredible rate. Professional chefs use copper cookware such as pans to reach the exact temperature stated on the recipe. It also has the ability to change heat as the stove top changes.
  • Copper is a lightweight material that won’t apply too much pressure on the stove. It is also heavy enough to remain in place if someone accidentally taps it.
  • It also has a beautiful appearance. The rusty colour has a rich look that adds to the quality of the cookware.
  • Corrosion resistance is the best part about this cookware. You will have these beautiful economic pots and pans for many years before you have to replace them.


  • Unfortunately, although copper has corrosion resistance, it still dulls over time. This element is similar to silver where it loses its shine over time when exposed to air. A bit of polishing will make your cookware look as good as new, though.
  • The quality shows in the price. Because it can be used for so long and can retain as well as conduct heat so well, it will be one of the most expensive kitchenware you will own. It also has to be treated so that it won’t get easily dented.
  • If you don’t dry this cookware properly you could end up with tasteless spots on the surface. You also can’t put these pots and pans in the dishwasher.
  • Keep the copper away from acids. A horrible, dangerous acid could be produced if the cookware is not maintained correctly. This corrosive chemical is known as patina which is often used in pewter and metal impressions to make the metal look old. With time, patina gets more potent so make sure you avoid this damage.
  • Lastly, a copper pan will not be compatible with an induction cooktop stove. If you have an electrical stove that uses molecular friction then these pots won’t be a benefit to you.

When it comes to cooking with advanced cookware and pans you need to learn exactly how to use it as well as how to control and handle the speedy cooking process. You need to learn how much cooking oil to use and how often to stir the mixture so that it doesn’t affect the metal. Keep in mind that a copper pan is quite different to stainless steel and non-stick pans.