Coconut Oil is generally used for cooking purposes but it has many different applications which include some healing capabilities. Whether you use it on its own or as a key ingredient, there are many ways to incorporate it in your life.

Coconut Oil can be used as the following remedies:

• It is able to reduce the appearance scars and stretch marks. Rub it on the area on a daily basis to benefit from this.

• If you have hard cracked heels, you can use coconut oil to soften your heels.

• Head lice can be an issue with most kids. Use coconut oil to treat for lice.

• You can use it to treat certain fungal infections.

• It can be used to improve Parkinson’s disease as well as to lessen the effects of Dementia.

• Use it to improve Osteoporosis as well as to improve your memory.

• For babies that suffer from nappy rash, you can use it as a natural remedy by gently rubbing it on their bottoms until the rash disappears.

• If you have tired eyes, the coconut oil can be used to reduce the puffiness around the eyes.

• If you are prone to bug bites then you can use it to relieve the itching caused by these bug bites.

• It is also a good way to heal various bodily wounds.

• You can use it to help lower blood pressure.

• It is a natural way to get relief from painful or uncomfortable haemorrhoids.

• If you have the flu, you can use it as an added ingredient in cold syrup or in a sore throat cure.

• Coconut oil can be used as a first aid remedy to stop or to prevent nose bleeds.

• Use it as a natural testosterone booster. This will aid with muscle building activities.

• It can be used to kill off Candida yeast growth as well as to help cure bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.

• Use it to decrease an insulin spike or to stimulate your thyroid.

• For those with belly fat issues, it can be used it to burn fat around the stomach.

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that has many healing properties for the human body. It has a multitude of benefits and applications which you can use in your daily activities. Remember to always get the advice of a doctor before taking any sort of home remedy and apply it to a small area first to check whether you do not have any allergic reactions to this ingredient.