Everybody loves fried vegetables. Chips are a delicious snack and side dish. The word “chips” implies a brittle texture because it chips apart. So how do you make these?

Depending on what kind of vegetable you are using influences the type of cut.

Potatoes are the most well-known starchy root for frying. Not too thin or too thick is the secret to perfect chips. Before you think about chopping potatoes, make sure you take the skin off. The peel isn’t bad but it does have a bitter taste that may not work for you. The chips should be cut one centimetre by one centimetre down the length of the potato. The frying oil will fry this slim potato stick perfectly.

The same technique and method can be used with sweet potato, pumpkin and butternut. These are the vegetables that not everyone enjoys as much. Frying them will give them a different flavour with the beautiful crunchy texture. Don’t forget about the salt either. Salt will give the chips the extra burst of flavour.

Zucchini or baby marrows are great to fry. You need to remember that baby marrows are mainly made up of water so frying them will eliminate the moisture. Slices work the best when it comes to marrows.

Not many people enjoy the taste of beetroot. Like with all things you find unbearable in taste just throw it in some frying oil. Don’t make the slices too thin and don’t forget that you might have deep purple frying oil when you are done making them. It might look a bit weird.

Carrots are delicious whether they have been fried or not. All you need to do is cut the carrot into strips similar to potatoes and then in half to shorten the stick in length. These taste fantastic with balsamic dipping sauce.

Have you ever tried fennel chips? Now is definitely the time. Fennel is a delicious sweet vegetable that gives off so many flavours and is a feast for your taste buds. You don’t have to focus too much on the cut because of the many layers this bulb has.

Eggplant chips are super yummy and are filled with iron. All you need to do for the preparation of these is to salt the sliced eggplant, to remove any water and throw them in the fryer.

There are so many ways to use frying oil yet so little time. As the cook you should experiment with all sorts of food to please the taste buds of your critics.

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