Snaxol Palm Oil

Snaxol is highly refined 100% pure palm oil that we import directly from Malaysia, the world’s leading exporter of palm oils. It is also the most commonly used oil in the world. This oil is so versatile that it is not only used as a deep-frying as well as cooking oil but also in a host of popular products such as sweets, chocolates, biscuits as well as spices, amongst others.

palm oil


Palm oils’ nutritional benefits are also one of its many strong points. This is because it is the only vegetable oil with a balance composition of saturated as well as unsaturated (monosaturated and polyunsaturated) fatty acids.

When freshly extracted, palm oil is the richest known natural source of beta-carotene and the pro-vitamin A pigment. It also has a high content of vitamin E. Both of which have been identified as possible anti-cancer agents.
Snaxol has been proven to be one of the longest lasting oils in the market.

Palm Oil at a Glance

  • Nutritious and Versatile
  • Greatest stability at high frying temperatures

Snaxol Contains:

  • Antioxidants Enhancing the life of the oil
  • Antifoam prevents excessive foaming


20lt jerry can, 200lt drum, 1000lt flowbins / flexitank and 36000lt / 32 ton tanker load


Product obtained from fractionation of Palm Oil. A fully refined product. Used in the chips and corn snack industry.


  • Free of animal fats
  • Unadulterated
  • Free from mineral as well as added extraneous organic acids
  • Tends to cloud and develop a viscous tendency at sustained temperatures below 16 deg C
  • BULK deliveries such as stainless steel tankers
  • 20 litre HDPE containers


Pure Palmolein Oil


  • For use in frying and cooking
  • Stable frying medium for the snack foods
  • Enhances the shelf-life of snack foods
  • Low in Polysaturates
  • Contains antioxidant as well as anti-foaming agents for extended frying life


  • Cool conditions away from direct sunlight or heat source
  • 24 months under ideal conditions from the date of production in a  sealed container

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Appearance Golden Yellow liquid oil at ambience
Taste and Odour Free from rancid odour and taste
Frying Test No objectionable smell or odour when heated to 180 deg
Colour 4.0R, 4.0Y – max
Insoluble Impurities <0.1%
Moisure 0.05% (max)
Free Fatty Acids 0.15% (max)
Iodine Value Min 56
Peroxide Value – milli Equiv./kg 4.0 (max) – stored under ideal conditions
Soaps 0.0010% (max)
Melt Point – Deg C 21-24 degrees C
Smoke Point 232 degrees C
Antioxidant – TBHQ 200 ppm
Anti-foaming Agent 10 ppm (max)
Average Nutrient Values Per 100ml
Energy (kJ) 3389
Protein (g) 0
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 0
of which Total Sugar (g) 0
Total Fat Content (g) 91.6
of which Saturated Fat (g) 43.1
of which Trans Fat (g) <0.5
of which Monounsaturated Fat (g) 37.5
of which Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 11
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Dietary Fibre* (g) 0
Sodium (mg) 0
*Dietary Fibre Method AOAC 991.43