Palm oil is a cooking oil that is used in a number of food preparation applications. It is such a versatile oil that it is not only used as a deep-frying as well as cooking oil but also in a host of popular foods such as sweets, chocolates and biscuits. Plus it’s also used for spices, amongst others.

Palm oil is also the most commonly used oil in the world. Plus, did you know that Malaysia is the world’s leading exporter of palm oils? That is where we, as cooking oil suppliers, import our Snaxol Palm Oil from. So you are assured of the purity of the palm oil. Furthermore, it is a highly refined 100% pure palm oil. When it is freshly extracted, palm oil is the richest known natural source of beta-carotene and the pro-vitamin A pigment. It also has a high content of vitamin E. Both of these vitamins have been identified as possible anti-cancer agents.

Here are the reasons why palm oil is so good

  • It is a nutritious and versatile oil so you can use in a number of different types of recipes.
  • This type of cooking oil offers you the greatest stability at high frying temperatures.
  • There are antioxidants in it that enhance the life of the oil.
  • It also has an antifoam agent which prevents excessive foaming while frying.
  • Palm oil is free of animal fats.
  • It is an unadulterated oil.
  • It is low in poly saturates.
  • Palm oil is free from mineral as well as added extraneous organic acids.

It is for these reasons that palm oil is so good. It has a host of benefits that contribute to its goodness. Plus with it’s incredible versatility and nutritional benefits, it is certainly a cooking oil that is worth considering.

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