Cooking oil can be used in many different meals. A lot of people are a bit resistant to cook with a lot of oil or to cook with cooking oil in general for health reasons. You can still be healthy while using this specific oil; you just need to manage your intake well.

Like any product that you buy off a shelve, you need to store it in a cool dry place. Storing this in a hot place will cause the product to lose all its nutrients and then it won’t work as well anymore. If you store it in a cold place it will turn solid and then you will need to reheat it every time you want to use it. This can also cause the loss of nutrients due to the reheating every time. Rather store your groceries in the right way to prevent wasting.

If you leave cooking oil open for too long it is then exposed to oxygen, which then causes degrading in the nutrients of the oil. So when you use it; it won’t cook or fry or bake the way it should, it is then as good as expired. And we all know that it’s not healthy to consume anything that is expired.

When you deep fry something, you are bound to use a lot of oil at once. Normally you can re-use it the same time or just a few minutes after your first fry. When re-using it’s good to re-use it for the same product you used before. You can only re-use oil when it’s still warm, but once it has cooled down it is not a good idea to use it again. Your food will then in this case taste burnt and old, and also won’t fry the same again. A lot of restaurants make the mistake of using the same oil the whole day for their chips, and this then gives them a bad name, because later on in the day the chips don’t taste the same anymore. They won’t be as fresh as the first batch in the morning, and they will look burnt because of all the particles sitting on them from the last fry. Rather keep everything fresh and use new oil every time, to keep a good reputation going for yourself.

Cooking oil is good for shallow frying; like your stir fries, your eggs and bacon, and many more other things. It is good for deep frying as well; like your chips, your doughnuts, and other deep frying foods that you like. It is also good for salad dressings; you can create your own unique salad dressing if you do not have shop bought salad dressing at hand. If you are throwing a quick get together and you are stressing about giving your guests dry salad, you can throw that stress out the window and be creative with your salad dressing. You can use it in your marinade as well, it is easy to make marinade yourself you just need to match the right flavours together and then lay your meat in there for a while to let it all soak in.

Get yourself a good amount of cooking oil today, from an oil manufacturer. A little oil can go a long way!

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