Is Sunflower Oil Cholesterol Free?

All over the world, people are familiar with sunflower oil. They either use it themselves to cook their daily meals or they are consuming a meal that is cooked in sunflower oil. It is an essential ingredient that is used in almost all of our meals. Over the years, we’ve also become more health conscious. We are more concerned about what we allow into our bodies now than we were twenty years ago. If we are consuming sunflower oil on a daily basis via our meals, is it really a healthy option and does it have harmful cholesterol in it?

Sunflower oil has had a negative reputation in previous years but a lot has changed in the food manufacturing process to ensure the better health of consumers. That includes the sunflower oil manufacturers themselves. They have recognised that people consume cooking oil daily and this could have an effect on their health. Reputable sunflower oil producers have discovered that if the oil is kept in its purest form from the point when the sunflower seeds are harvested to the bottling stage, the level of cholesterol can be reduced to zero percent. They have had to consider that the manufacturing process had to be simplified and that strict quality control measures had to be put into place to ensure that the cooking oil remains 100% pure.

How does a consumer identify whether the sunflower oil is pure or not? Firstly, you can identify it in the physical appearance of the liquid. Pure sunflower oil will be translucent and a golden yellow colour. It will not have a smoky tint to it. Secondly, you can identify it by the labelling. Food manufacturers have to adhere to strict codes when it comes to labelling their products. The ingredients list and any endorsements must be accurate. So look on the label to see whether it is cholesterol free. In most cases, these types of sunflower oils will be endorsed by the Heart Foundation. That means that you can include that food item in your daily consumption within reason.

Although there are some frying oils that are not cholesterol free, there are many pure sunflower oil products that are cholesterol free. Sometimes, when it comes to your health, you have to consider what is best and not necessarily what is cheapest. Be sure to read the labelling and check the transparency of the cooking ingredient that you are about to purchase.

Is Biodiesel Fuel Part of Our Future?

With our depleting oil resources becoming more of a reality due to our heavy consumption of fuel in our vehicles and the growing number of vehicles in the world, we are searching for other methods of refuelling our cars. There are different energy sources that are being researched such as the use of electricity to replace fuel in our cars and biodiesel which is made of used sunflower oil.

What does the future hold for us? We use our fuel resources so often that the planet cannot keep up with our increasing demand. Electricity is good fuel resource but it is also one that is depleting so much that we have to find other methods of generating electricity. Electricity generating methods include that of hydro energy and solar power. Both are great natural resources that are constantly available. Biodiesel is the other fuel resource that is already being used in certain vehicles as an alternative to diesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel is produced after much used sunflower oil is collected from various restaurants, cafés and households. The sunflower oil is then put through a process of conversion in order to make it suitable as a fuel source for our diesel vehicles. Such vehicles don’t have to convert their engines to use biodiesel. They simply replace the standard diesel with the new biodiesel when refilling their fuel tanks and drive on as usual. This makes it much easier for the vehicle owner to convert to biodiesel as their daily activities are not affected and there are no additional costs of converting the vehicle. All you have to do is find a supplier nearby that you could purchase bulk biodiesel from and you can continue on your merry way. You can find a supplier by searching online for one that is within your area. The cost of this type of fuel is also much lower than the standard diesel because it is usually produced within your country so there are no extra import costs associated with the fuel. Thus the suppliers can keep the costs low and very competitive versus conventional diesel.

There is a future for biodiesel fuel and it will become part of our lives as we replace it with the new fuel. This is already happening today as there are biodiesel fuel suppliers that convert the sunflower oil and have a ready-to-use product on the market. There are certain companies that are already running their fleet of trucks on biodiesel. So the answer is yes, biodiesel is a part of our future. It is part of our present.

What Is the Difference Between Palm Oil, Soya Oil and Sunflower Oil?

The cooking oil that we are to discuss in this article is extracted from plants and is used for frying, baking, and other types of cooking. It is also used in the production of soaps, washing powders, personal care products and biofuels.

Palm oil is an edible vegetable fat found in a plant source, derived from the reddish pulp of the fruit of the oil palms. It is naturally reddish in colour due to its high source of Provitamin A. This oil is commonly used for cooking due to its high saturation (oxidative stability) of the refined product when you use it for frying. Palm oil is one of the few highly saturated vegetable fats and does not contain cholesterol, although saturated fat intake does increase a person’s LDL and HDL cholesterol. Palm oil is found in many processed foods. There has been many tests done on the health benefits of palm oil and it has been found that there are health benefits, which include; the increase in good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.

Soybean oil is one of the most widely consumed vegetable oils and it is extracted from the seeds of the soybean. This oil is also found in a wide variety of processed foods, it is mostly used for frying and baking. It is known as a drying oil because it slowly hardens upon exposure to air; forming a flexible, transparent and waterproof solid; and because of this property; it is used in some printing ink and oil paint formulations. Although soybean oil is not a direct insect repellent it is used as a fixing agent to extend the short duration of action of essential oils that are used in many commercial products.

Sunflower oil is compressed from sunflower seeds and is commonly used in food as frying oil and in cosmetic formulations as a cream. It is high in Vitamin A, D and E and low in saturated fat. When the oil is expressed it is a light amber colour with a mild and pleasant flavour and refined oil is pale yellow. The loss in the quality is minimal when refined. The oil has good keeping qualities with light tendency for flavour reversion. Sunflower oil behaves as a fatty acid that is an important energy source forming most of the fat stored by the helps food stay fresher and healthier for longer. It helps skin retain its moisture; without clogging pores or blocking the flow of oxygen in and out of the skin. The thinness of texture allows the skin to absorb it very quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. It also provides a protective barrier that assists in making premature infants 41% less likely to develop infections in hospital when they receive a daily skin treatment of sunflower oil.

Strange Dishes that Rice is Used In

Rice is the most commonly used staple (natural fiber) food used all across the world and it should be stored in a cool, dry place. Rice is gluten and cholesterol free and also low in sodium. It does contain a touch of fat and has an excellent supply of complex carbohydrates.  There are a multiple ways in which rice can be prepared, with the method depending on the type of rice being prepared. In this article I will be sharing a few strange dishes that rice is used in across the world.

The Victorian vendors in London often sell Rice Milk from a metal basin over a charcoal fire. It is made by boiling rice in skim milk and served hot in a cup with a spoonful of sugar and a sprinkle of allspice. It is cheap to produce and it resembles a very thick, watery rice pudding,

There are many ways in which leftover rice can be used to make a whole new meal. You could try making egg fried rice, which is quick and easy to prepare by using cooked rice to be fired with egg, onion, green beans and soy sauce.

You could make some deep fried rice balls where you mix grated Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs and herbs and form balls with the cooked rice and then deep fry it until it is crisp and golden.

There is a recipe for rice that is popular in many Asian countries, it is known as conjee which is a type of rice porridge, which come from prolonged cooking of the rice in water. It could be served as a side dish or as a meal on its own when additional ingredients; such as meat, fish or flavouring is added.

There is a very weird looking meal that is originated from Spain and looks like you are literally serving up burnt offerings, it is called Arròs negre  and is prepared  in the same manner as paella. It is prepared with white rice, cuttlefish or squid, squid ink, cubanelle peppers, garlic, sweet paprika, olive oil and seafood broth. The squid ink enhances the seafood flavor and is responsible for the dark colour of the dish.

A dish prepared mostly in Southwestern US and Mexico, known as a chimichanga is a deep fried burrito. The flour tortilla is filled with a range of ingredients like rice, cheese, machaca, carne adobada, or shredded chicken and then it is folded into a rectangular package and then deep fried.

A dish form India that is known as curd (unsweetened yoghurt in India) rice or yoghurt rice. It is mostly made by cooking rice till it is broken down, becoming like a paste. Let it cool down to room temperature and then you can season it with fried finely chopped green chilies, ginger, and curry leaves then you add milk, yoghurt and salt. This is usually eaten with some pickles like mango or lime and in South India it is usually eaten at the end of lunch and dinner because it is known to help ease the effects of the spicy main dishes and also aids in digestion.

These are just a few ways in which rice is used across the world. It is actually very interesting how many different meals can be made from rice other than the general curry and rice that most of us cook on a daily basis. Watch this space we will keep you informed on all the ways you could spice up your meals with rice.