Flavoured Water

Flavoured Water is an essential item to have in any retail outlet, corporate environment or office space. Bottled flavoured water is also the perfect refreshment at any event! Without water, none of us would be here. It’s always a good idea to have a back-up stock of water in any corporate environment. Because it is a healthy and long-lasting product that doesn’t go off.

Golden Fry Oil is primarily known for their cooking outstanding oil products, but they also supply and distribute wholesale flavoured water.

At Golden Fry, we supply top quality water, free from unnatural odours and at an affordable price. We also ensure that you receive impeccable customer service along the way.

Flavoured WaterQuality Flavoured Water

Golden Fry has also, more recently, brought out a fantastic range of flavoured waters. And these are great for corporate gatherings, events, and in various retail scenarios. Flavoured water is a very popular drink, and is a healthier option than most soft drinks. We have a range of popular flavours. Therefore with each flavour being as natural as possible due to careful curation.

As respected soft drinks suppliers in South Africa, we ensure that all of our flavoured water is of a superior quality and is safely packaged.

Who Do We Supply to?

At Golden Fry Oil, we supply to a wide range of businesses. Some of which have been with us for since we opened our doors.

Our water and soft drinks manufacturers are located in Gauteng, in South Africa. We proudly supply at a provincial and national level. But are also able to export our water and soft drinks products. We export to the African countries of Mozambique, Lesotho, as well as Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

As we are a wholesaler, we only sell our products in bulk to businesses.

If you are looking to buy products from the top water and flavoured water suppliers for your business. Feel free to contact our Team at Golden Fry OIL today to get a quote.

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