When you own a restaurant it is necessary for you to have your oil in bulk. You also need to have your oil in bulk if you own a small take away shop. But it is not common to have cooking oil in bulk for your home.

With a big restaurant you need to ensure that you have a secure cooking oil supplier, because you need to stock on the oil regularly. All the meals made in a restaurant are made with different types of oil, so you do not only stock up on cooking oil, but with other essential ingredients needed. Each dish is made unique in a restaurant. They would invest in a few 1000litre bins each month.

With a small take away shop, you also need a reliable cooking oil supplier. Just as a restaurant the take away shop can get quite busy, and food needs to be made fresh every day. Most of the foods are made with cooking oil, because they are deep fried. This would be a few 200litre drums each month, depending on how busy the shop gets.

You don’t normally hear of people buying cooking oil in bulk for their homes. It is such a good idea to buy it in bulk, the same with your groceries. Buying in bulk means you get a nice amount of things you need for an affordable price. This then saves you lots of money every month, because you do not need to do grocery shopping every month.

Oil is expensive and is getting more expensive as the year goes on; therefore bulk is a good investment in your home. You need to eat everyday which means you need to cook every day, and in this way you can run out of oil quickly. When you have it in bulk then it will last for at least two months, depending on how much you use for every meal you make, and depending on how much you buy for the two month.

Buying a 20litre tub could last you longer than two months in your home. This is better than buying two every month and then running out during the month, even though when you do run out you can use butter to make your meals. But cooking meals or frying things in butter does not always work as well, because it can cause the food to stick to the pan or pot quickly. Butter is more convenient when you are baking, or when you are making something that cooks fast and you need to keep an eye on it till it is cooked.

Rather try to invest in buying things in bulk for your home as well, to save you the time of running around in a grocery store every month. Also to save you on spending a lot of money on things that could last the whole month, but run out quickly due to spontaneous dishes being made. Everything is better bought in bulk. Find a reliable cooking oil supplier and get enough oil for your home, restaurant and take away store.

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